Guarddog Electrolite 140 Lumen Compact Tactical Flashlight Max Volt Stun Gun Beltclip Black

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Combining personal security and everyday practicality, the Guard Dog ElectroLite is a great replacement for your regular flashlight, upgrading it to a convenient self-defense tool.
  • CONCEALED POWER: Stun gun looks like a flashlight – exclusive inner stun technology hides high voltage probes. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!
  • STYLE & SECURITY: Exclusive Prym1 edition adds outdoor versatility with organic pattern and texture 3D camouflage. Why be the tree when you can be the predator?
  • INTENSE BRIGHT LIGHT: Shockingly bright 140 lumens of pure white light can blind an attacker, and has a 200 yard beam distance
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Reliable and powerful, the rechargeable battery is perfect for daily use