Guarddog Electrolite 140 Lumen Compact Tactical Flashlight Max Volt Stun Gun Beltclip Gold

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This convenient self defense tool upgrades your regular flashlight, adding personal security to its functionality. The ElectroLite stun gun looks and works just like an ordinary flashlight, but also features a maximum voltage stun and a shocking booming noise to scare off potential assailants.
  • ELECTRIFYING POWER: High voltage ElectroLite stun gun looks like a flashlight – Concealed Inner Stun Technology hides high voltage probes.
  • COMPACT SECURITY: The smallest, most portable utility flashlight stun gun with belt clip in the world at only 5.8" long.
  • INTENSE FLASHLIGHT: First disorientate an assailant with shockingly bright 140 lumens from the tactical flashlight with clip – stun gun comes second.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Simply plug in the charging cord when the stun gun flashlight is running low and never buy batteries again.